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Research and Consulting

The Barclay Group possesses years of experience in alternative assets, as well as value-added portfolio components such as futures, options and derivatives products.

In addition to its research and performance measurement capabilities, Barclay Research Group also serves as a developer of analysis and asset allocation software.

Barclay’s research and consulting credentials are based on its proprietary MAP Software, coupled with its comprehensive database that tracks and analyzes the performance of hedge funds and managed futures and derivatives investment programs worldwide.

The firm’s extensive interaction with hedge fund, futures and derivative investment managers around the globe, combined with the group’s proprietary analytical tools, gives the Barclay team a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the alternative investment universe.

The Barclay Group’s range of research and consulting services includes:

  • manager selection, using the firm’s extensive database and proprietary analytical capabilities,
  • portfolio management of managed futures investments,
  • custom reports and research data on hedge funds and CTAs, and tailored to address specific investment and marketing needs,
  • correlation analysis reports, covering general, up, down and rolling correlations,
  • ranking reports that allow users to select up to six ranking statistics from more than 50 categories, and to apply filter programs using a wide variety of user-defined criteria.

For additional information on Barclay’s research and consulting services, contact Sol Waksman.