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Barclay MAP • Managed Account Planner

Barclay’s MAP software provides comprehensive data on Hedge Funds and CTA programs. Whether you’re selecting advisors for your firm’s proprietary capital, for public or private funds, or for your own portfolio, Barclay MAP™ for Windows will give you the competitive advantage!

MAP’s user-defined parameters allow for tailored selection and analysis of relevant data, and allows users to perform a wide range of tasks with a simple point and click of the mouse. Browse the entire database or a specialized sub-universe based on markets traded, trading style, track record length, date restrictions, string searches, and or user-defined categories. Receive the most up-to-date data with twice monthly updates. In addition, MAP subscribers receive free software upgrades, and unlimited technical support.

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Comprehensive Portfolio Manager

  • Create multi-advisor portfolios. You can set and reset initial VAMIs, change leverage, re-balance, change start / end dates.
    Portfolio Manager screenshot
  • Proforma Analysis Window allows you to quickly change the fee structure and commission rates on any portfolio to see how they will impact performance. No more waiting for days to get results back from your accountant!
    Proforma Values screenshot

Correlation and Regression Analysis

Customize MAP to Fit Your Needs

  • MAP’s user-defined parameters allow you to select and analyze the data that's most relevant to your needs. Browse the entire database or a specialized sub-universe that you define using markets traded, trading style, track record length, date restrictions, string searches and other user-defined categories.
  • Import programs to create your own database.
  • Update data provided by Barclay with your own numbers.
  • Add user-defined categories to existing or user added programs.

Flexible Charting Capabilities

  • Create charts quickly and easily. Easily generate VAMI, Efficient Frontier, Floating Bar, Profile Analysis, Scattergram, Optimization Curve or user-defined Rolling Analysis charts. Copy and paste charts into other software applications or save them as bmp or jpg files.
    Screenshot #1  Screenshot #2  Screenshot #3

Powerful Ranking Tools

  • Constantly rank the entire database or any sub-universe of your choice using a variety of pertinent and powerful statistic.
  • Easily view the entire database or any sub-universe of your choice while simultaneously viewing contact, account and statistical information on individual programs. Rank your program selections by a variety of pertinent and powerful statistics.

Profile Analysis

  • Barclay Profile Analysis Window lets you evaluate for a user-specified time period any trader on the basis of rolling ROR, standard deviation, and a ratio of these two statistics. In addition, you can chart these values against the average values generated by a user-defined subgroup.
    Screenshot #1  Screenshot #2

Powerful Optimizer

  • Create multiple Optimization scenarios for highest reward/risk, lowest volatility or return for targeted volatility for a variety of different optimization reports.
  • MAP’s Optimizer incorporates the technology of the nonlinear optimization "engine" used in the Microsoft Excel Solver. This Solver has been proven in use for over eight years in tens of millions of copies of Microsoft Excel.

VAMI & Rolling Analysis

  • Create standard and normalized VAMI charts.
  • Choose from ten Rolling Analysis reports and charts with window size from 3 months to 120 months.
  • Select any combination of the ten rolling analysis statistics listed, generate reports, create charts, or export rolling analysis data to your spreadsheet software.

Style Analysis

  • Measure and understand where the returns of an active Manager are coming from.
  • Find out how much of a Manager’s return are from skill and how much are from allocation.

Efficient Frontier

  • Calculate efficient frontiers and instantly, view the results in a chart or in tabular format.

MAP Reports Map offers a variety of informative reports:

  • Program/Manager Details Report
  • Distribution of Monthly Returns Report/Chart
  • Drawdown Report
  • Performance History Report
  • Portfolio Performance Summary Report
  • Time Windows Report
  • Address Book
  • Ranking Reports
  • Profile Analysis
  • Floating Bar Charts
  • Scattergram Charts
  • Barclay Institutional Report (BIR)
  • Correlation Reports
  • Regression Reports
  • 10 Rolling Analysis Reports
  • Efficient Frontier Report/chart
  • Optimization Reports
  • Optimization Curves
  • Rolling Optimizations.