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About the Barclay Group

The Barclay Group is dedicated to serving institutional clients worldwide in the field of hedge fund and managed futures performance measurement and portfolio management. Founded in 1985, the Barclay Group consists of a team of research specialists and investment managers experienced in alternative investments as well as the traditional capital markets

From its origin as a research specialist and performance measurement firm, Barclay has developed complete client services as an asset manager and portfolio consultant. A critical factor behind Barclay’s success — both in its research and consulting roles — has been the Barclay Alternative Investment Database. This computerized database tracks and analyzes the performance of hedge fund and managed futures investment programs worldwide. Based on our fifteen years of experience in data collection, research and consulting services, we have established long-standing relationships with many of these managers. These relationships have proven themselves to be of great value to our consulting and portfolio management clients.

The Barclay Database serves as the basis for research reports and performance rankings that appear in Barclay’s three publications, the Barclay Managed Funds Report, the Barclay Institutional Report — Interactive Managed Futures Edition and the Barclay Institutional Report — Interactive Hedge Funds Edition. The Barclay Group is one of the foremost sources for proprietary research in the field of alternative investments. Much of the managed futures research is summarized in the quarterly Barclay Managed Funds Report.

The Barclay CTA Index is utilized worldwide by financial media and investment consultants as performance benchmarks for the managed futures industry.

Maintenance and growth of the Barclay Alternative Investment Database requires continuous performance monitoring, discussions and, as the need arises, due diligence visits with established and emerging investment managers. The Barclay Group’s extensive interaction with alternative asset managers around the globe, combined with the group’s proprietary analytical tools, gives the Barclay team a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the alternative investment industry and its universe of managers. As an asset manager, the Barclay Group utilizes that knowledge and perspective to structure client portfolios that offer global market participation and risk diversification.