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Hedge Fund Assets Up 5% in Q3; Emerging Markets Up 18%

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, November 15, 2005 – Hedge fund money under management grew from $1,086 billion to $1,141 billion during the third quarter of 2005, according to The Barclay Group.

“A five percent increase in three months demonstrates continued investor interest in the hedge fund industry, even though the pace of growth has slowed,” says Sol Waksman, president of The Barclay Group.

In the two years including 2003 and 2004, hedge fund money under management shot up 150 percent, from nearly $400 billion to more than $1,000 billion.

Assets in ten of the 15 hedge fund sectors tracked by Barclay increased during the third quarter. Fund of Funds assets grew 3.16 percent, from $635.0 billion to $651.3 billion. Emerging Markets jumped 18 percent in Q3, from 105.9 billion to 125.0 billion. Equity Long Bias rose 13 percent, from $138.9 billion to $156.9 billion.

“It’s not surprising that Emerging Markets has seen the greatest increase in assets, since it has been the best performing hedge fund sector this year. The Barclay/GHS Emerging Markets Index is up 16.74 percent through September 2005,” says Waksman. “Investors have become more selective in their investment process. They’re putting their money where returns are strongest.”

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The Barclay Group, founded in 1985, actively tracks more than 5,000 hedge funds and managed futures programs. Barclay’s indices are utilized worldwide as performance benchmarks for the hedge fund and managed futures industries.

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